guardheartLast time, we finished up the segment on envy and jealousy.  If you have been following along with this series and missed either of those two posts, I would invite you to take a look at those first.  The Abundant Heart series has been difficult to write owing to the loss of my parents, events with my business and then various events on the world stage and of course, COVID.  But, after all of that, we have finally made it to the end.  My original plan was to finish this series with a segment on love.  But, with everything that was going on at the time, I pulled that out and did not one, but two separate series just on that topic alone. I will put links to both of these at the end of this post.

You may recall that at the beginning of this series, I borrowed from the tag line of a major bank that was asking “What’s in your wallet?”  As important as that question may be to that particular institution, it pales in comparison to the question I have asked numerous times and that is “What’s in your heart?”  The purpose behind this series was to take a look at those things that commonly weigh people down and prevent them from being all that God designed them to be.  I could have kept going and looked at things like lust, anger, hatred, etc.  But, much has been written about those things already and I also touched on them in various places.  I felt that if I kept going, it might seem like just an encyclopedia of sins instead of something that offered hope.  This is why the first three lessons were so important.  I wanted to lay the foundation of how the heart of man works as presented in the word of God.  Lessons 4-12 are those issues that prevent our growth and hold us back.  In each of these lessons, I tried to offer help and/or resources to assist you in overcoming that particular issue.  I hope you found this series informative and helpful in your daily walk in Christ.

So, what do you do now?  If you haven’t already done so, I would recommend that you review any posts that you may have missed in this series.  I would especially recommend that you review the first three posts as these explain the mechanics of what makes your heart tick.  Then, I recommend that you take a look at the two series of posts on the subject of love which are entitled “Why Can’t We Love” and “Flowing in the Love of God.” I will post the links to those at the bottom of this post. I hope you find those helpful and informative as well.

I am going to take some time off to spend with my family over the summer. I am also going to take some time to study as I feel I have a new direction for this site.  Look for a post about that in a week or two.  Remember to love God with all your heart and to always love others well.  Until next time, may God’s richest blessings be yours is Christ.



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