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As you may recall, my last post was an urgent prayer request for a friend who had been hospitalized with COVID. My thanks to those of you who prayed for my friend. Your prayers helped to sustain him until his daughter was able to make the long trip back home home from her school. We all expected him to fully recover and he had been making progress towards that end.  Unfortunately, he developed sepsis and past away a day or two later.  I appreciate everyone who took the time to pray for this man.  Please know I truly appreciate your prayers and the family does as well, so thank you.
Today’s post is less of a post and more like some food for thought. Here it is.
Plan abcMany have had horrible things happen in your past that have altered your identity to the point where you see yourself as less than or not as good as others or even worthless. You feel these things happened because it was just your lot in life. You just aren’t as good as other people and bad things happen to people who just aren’t as good.
But what if the opposite is really the truth? What if the plan God has for you was so wonderful that that the enemy had to destroy it and even tried to destroy you in the process? What if God dreamed about you when he planned his creation? Take a moment to think of a great chef who is developing a recipe for a special new dish. He or she takes a small taste and thinks “This is missing something” …and then it hits him.  It’s missing that certain spice that truly gives the dish that “Wow factor.”  What if YOU are that special spice that give His creation that “Wow factor.” What if he just couldn’t imagine his creation without you, the one he dreamed about, being in it? What if you were that important to Him? Let that soak in for a moment. You ARE that important to Him. What if you were to find out that God has never given up on His dream for you? What if you were to learn that even today, he is still molding and shaping you for the great things he has for you.
The things I just said ARE the truth. You ARE that important to Him. So, here’s something to ponder today. Why are you content with plan “B” or “C”… or even “Z” for your life, when plan “A” (God’s original plan) is still available?
One of the greatest messages I have ever heard was from a pastor/teacher from the Bahamas.  His name was Miles Monroe and was a fantastic teacher of the Word.  You can find many of his messages on Youtube. In this particular message he told us that at the end of the message he would tell everyone where the riches of the ages were buried. At the conclusion of this profound teaching, we are told that these riches are buried in our local cemetery. For this is where people are buried who were given great gifts and talents to equip them for God’s plan “A” for their lives, but because they believed the lies of the enemy, they settled for plan “B”, “C”, “D” or even plan “Z” and never accomplished what they were supposed to.  Symphonies were never written, inventions were never created, cures for diseases were never developed and books were never written.  These things never came to fruition because those people simply could not believe it was possible for them to do. My friend, if you have big dreams in your heart, please consider those may be God’s dreams  for you.  I say this, because God dreams BIG!  Just take a look at the vastness of His creation around you.  My friend, He has BIG dreams for you.  Maybe that is something you should discuss with Him today… Food for thought.

Until next time, may God’s richest blessings be yours in Christ today.


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