About the author

My name is Mel and I live in Fresno, Ca.  I grew up here, then moved to southern California, got married and then moved back after our first child was born.  I married a beautiful woman named Terri and we have four kids: Phillip, Caitlin, Austin and Hallie.

While living in southern California, I was filled with the Holy Spirit at a classic Pentecostal church.  A year or two after that experience, I became more aware of the Word of God and became involved in the Word of Faith movement.  I went to Covenant Faith Center School of Ministry and completed that program two years later.  From there, my wife and I became involved at Word of Faith Ministry in Santa Barbara.  I was an usher and then became the head usher.  Additional responsibilities were added and I ended up doing the work of an Associate Pastor which included some administration and teaching.  I developed and taught a curriculum for our new members class and I taught whenever I was given the opportunity.  During my time there, I had the opportunity to work closely with just about everybody that was a “somebody” in the faith movement and outside of that movement as well.  I had the opportunity to work with people like Jerry Savelle, Lester Sumrall, Mario Murillo, Kim Clement and many, many others.  I held their coats, I got them water, I ran the prayer lines and I served them in whatever capacity was needed including driving them back and forth from the meetings.  I learned much from many of these people.  I learned how the anointing can flow in a service and what can block his moving as he would like to move.

As great as those experiences were, I reached a place where I had become so busy for God that I didn’t really have time for God any more.  I became a victim of burnout.  We moved back to Fresno and it was as if I had been put on a shelf when it came to any ministry.  Once in a while, God would dust me off and I would have a chance to teach again.  People would be touched and my own heart blessed to have the opportunity.  Then back on the shelf I would go.  There were years between teaching opportunities.  I got the place where I just assumed that my time had passed and that time was over for me.  Over time, I became more and more disillusioned with the faith movement.  I had questions that could not be answered and what I was seeing in the church really churned my stomach.  Don’t get me wrong, there was much good in the faith movement, but there was also much that was wrong.  It had become artificial, a plastic-fantastic representation of God that was lacking in any of the real power and anointing that I had seen in my days in Santa Barbara.  The last service I attended God must have highlighted things for me, because I must have heard these words a hundred times in that message; stuff, get your stuff, get more stuff, get your stuff back, get new stuff, get more stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff!  My heart cried out for God, but all these people seemed to want was Santa.  From there, God led my wife and I into this prophetic move of God that started from Bethel in Redding, CA.  We are connected to Bethel via our church, The River of Fresno.

I have learned much and I have received much including much healing.  God has re-lit the fire in my wife and I and our gifts are being activated afresh and some new things are being discovered too.  This site is part of that.

Currently, I own two businesses.  My primary business is a software development and consulting firm.  We sell, support, and make modifications to accounting software in the agricultural industry and related manufacturing industries.  I also own a portrait studio that specializes in high-end classical portraiture.  At the moment, the studio is inactive as all of my efforts are in the other business and putting this site together.  When I have time, I also enjoy sailing, sports cars, model trains and classical music.