The Abundant Heart #5 – Fear (continued)


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legofear1We are continuing the discussion on what I call The Abundant Heart. Each of these studies are built upon the foundation laid in the preceding lessons.  So if you missed any of the previous posts, go back and read those first.

We are wrapping up our conversation about fear as this is something that many of us have in our hearts in abundance. Last week, we talked about how we fear because we can’t trust God with that situation.  We talked a little about the spirit of fear and how that can spread.  We looked at the spies who were sent to check out the promised land.  One group came back and saw the goodness of God’s promises and another group saw nothing but giants and said there was no way they could possess the land.  This group and another spirit upon them – the spirit of fear.  We finished up talking about how we hide those things we are afraid of from God because we have difficulty trusting Him in that area.  Today, we are going to continue looking at this difficult subject. Continue reading