There are a few people that I want to thank for making this possible.

I want to thank my wife Terri for putting up with me as I have walked this out with the Lord.  There was much turmoil as God was dealing with issues in my own heart.  Thank you for praying for me through everything.

I want to thank my kids; Phil, Caitlin, Austin and Hallie.  You guys had to live through that turmoil at times.  I love you all.

I want to thank my church family at the River of Fresno.  Thank you for having the Sozo ministry which helped me so much.  My thanks also to Sarah B. for moving to Fresno just for me (maybe a few others too) and to start the Sozo ministry here.  My thanks to Pastor Paul for making that happen and for your friendship.

I also want to thank Constance whose ministry helped in completing the work.

I also want to thank A,L, C and J for your support and love when this thing was starting. A, I especially want to thank you for your prayer for me.  It touched me greatly.  You and yours will always be loved by Terri and I.

I dedicate this site to each of you and others that I failed to mention who helped me along the way.  Most importantly though, I dedicate this site to the Lord Jesus Christ who loves us all and gave himself for us all.  In him I have life, love and a heart of thanksgiving.