Man With Courage On Sunrise

A little more than a year ago I told you that I had to take some time off to deal with some personal challenges and wasn’t able to keep up my weekly blog schedule.  Something had to go in order to free up my time, so the blog was one of those things that I had to put on hold.  I never dreamed that I would still be here more than a year later.  Unfortunately, this season had to be extended owing to the death of both of my parents and then a medical situation that is essentially the equivalent of a stroke in one of my eyes.  There for a while, focusing on a computer screen was almost impossible.  This has impacted not only this blog, but my business as a software developer and photographer as well.  God has been ever so faithful in this and the good news is this season is almost over and I am writing once again.

So, I haven’t abandoned my blog and I am thankful for those who have discovered my blog even during this down time.  I’m not exactly sure when my next post will be up, but probably in the next couple of weeks.  We’ll do a review first, so everyone can get on the same page and then we’ll start in on the new stuff.  So, thank you for your patience and may God’s richest blessing be yours in Christ.

Stay tuned…