newsRecently, I published a post that I called Christian Witchcraft. I will return to that topic from time to time as I believe I have two or three more posts dealing with word curses and of course the aim of all witchcraft, which is manipulation and control.  However, I am choosing to put that off because I feel there are some fundamentals that need to be understood.  I found that as I began writing these other posts, I was essentially covering parts of another topic that is much more foundational.  For this reason, I am going to go over the foundational stuff first and we’ll come back to the Christian Witchcraft at a later time.

Most of what we have covered thus far has been less teaching and more just talking from my own heart. We really haven’t gone very deep.  I’ve purposely kept things at periscope depth as I was testing how to put this site together, etc.  That will be changing soon as we are going to be diving into some serious issues of the heart.  Some posts may be longer and you may need to take your time and read and re-read the scriptures that I give you.

A giant financial institution often asks “What’s in YOUR wallet?” But, I think the real question that needs to be asked and that each of us must answer is “What’s in YOUR heart?”  Jesus taught about this at different times and in different ways.  Please join me as we take a look a subject that I call The Abundant Heart.  The first post on this new subject will be here soon.